Where To Buy Cigars?

Where To Buy Cigars

If you have been enjoying hand rolled cigars for a while, you probably have your “go to” place to get your stogies. But for the new people to this hobby, they might find it hard to figure out who they can trust, who has the best deals and even, what to get. Here we will go over a couple trusted ways where you can buy cigars.

When deciding where you want to pick your smokes up at, there are a couple things you need to think about. I’m sure in once you have been in this hobby for a while, you will have a list of places you like depending on what you want.

The first place we will go over is small tobacco stores. Some of these places are good but many are known to over humidify. They don’t do this on purpose but most of the time their expertise is cigarettes, not cigars. You will usually find a small selection that are overpriced. It is worth checking out your local tobacco shop in case you have no other choice one day. Who knows, the owner just might be a BOTL and have a nice set up.

The next type of place is a local cigar shop/club. Many times, you will find a nice walk in humidor with a lot of cigar toys around. Most of these places has a relaxed atmosphere with large chairs, pool tables and some even have drinks that can be purchased. The prices at these types of places usually are higher than usual. The up side that is cigar shops/clubs invite you to stay, hang out and chat with other cigar lovers while you enjoy yours. And you have access to a knowledgeable staff that can help you find new cigars you will like. You are also supporting a local business and the cigar industry in your town. Many, including myself don’t mind paying a little extra for that.

The other most common place to buy cigars is online. This is where it can get a little tricky but can also pay off if you are looking for a good deal. The first thing you need to know is that the company you are dealing with can be trusted. You are buying cigars from a place where you can not pick them up and check them out. You want to make sure when you Buy Premium Cigars online, you want to make sure that you are getting correctly humidified stogies in good shape. For that reason, you want to do some research on cigar forums. If you find a place you are thinking about buying from, do a quick Google search on that company and you should be able to find if they are a good outfit.

Like said above, your choice will depend on the day. If you are out and have some time to spend, I would suggest finding a local cigar shop to relax and meet other BOTL’s. If you are looking for a deal or to stock up your humidor, I would suggest buying them online. Either way you go, soon you will have your own list of “go to” places and be on your way to being forced to purchase a bigger humidor.