Watch Sons Of Anarchy (SOA) Online Free

This is not really cigar related but I wanted to pass on a way to watch Sons of Anarchy online or any other TV show for free. There seems to be a lot of websites that claim to provide this service but always wants to push you off to a paid site. Ok, a couple bucks is not bad to buy an episode but you will have to wait until it is released.

Since FX raised their prices, many websites like decided to stop showing them. I can understand both sides of the story here. FX wants paid for their shows. They are running a business and need to make the money. Sites like Hulu do not charge, like TV they get income from advertisements. What I don’t understand is why FX can not sell commercials on the video they release.

In any case if you find yourself in my shoes and miss the live show due to travel, kid sports or what ever there is still an option to watch Sons of Anarchy (SOA), or most other shows that are not available online free (movies at that).

How to watch Sons of Anarchy online free

It is called channel 131. This is a small basic site with not much to it. Though it lacks an appealing layout the important thing is that it works. They have a couple different videos of each so you should be able to find a format that works for you. The quality is not the best when played at full screen but there are tools that will let you download it. If played online the video quality is fine with a slightly smaller window. It seems as if Channel 131 has been taking down a lot of these shows so I no longer recomend them.

I just found a better site to watch the upcoming season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy (SOA). It is called Though the navigation is not the best on the site you can find any show you need by doing a quick search on the page. So far so good. The video is acceptible not lagging. Full screen is a little grainy so I just watch it regular size. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

I hope this helps you SOA fans out there that miss a live episode.


It seems like it has been such a long off season for Samcro. If you are asking when will Sons of Anarchy season 5 start you are proabaly just as excited as I am. I believe SOA will start until September. If you have watched all the episodes above and just need more check out the video below. It is a little extra on the last episode.

SOA session for Episode 409 “Kiss”

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