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Don Tomas Corojo 554 Robusto


Today I’m in Chicago stuffing myself on calamari and pizza at Giordano’s Pizza. After my meeting I had to get back to my room to relax and settled on this stick after deciding that I didn’t want to take on a full body cigar. Now as long as the weather holds out until morning so I can get out of here I will be set for the week. I picked these up well over a year ago from CI.

Many of you know I have been homeless for seven months since we sold our house back in July. Well I’m happy to say we finally found a house up to our standards. I bet your thinking how we can go seven months without being able to find a house to buy  with the “media” saying how hard it is to sell a house in this market. Well I now know why that is. Many of the houses in the area we were looking were purchased during the last boom. The time that people were over paying for those houses. And now they want to make over 3% a year on that same house, yea right! On top of that there are about 6-7 other couples looking in the same area as us in the same price range. This makes it hard, so as soon as a house in our range would go up all 6-7 couples would all do walkthroughs in the first couple of days. Then if it was priced right it would sell with in two weeks. Anyway we found one and won the bid so I will stop going way off topic and get back to the review.

Wrapper: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Mexico
Body: Mild
Size: Size: 5×54
Price: $41.95

Pre-light: This cigar has a dry look to it with small veins and a rough feel to it. It comes wrapped in tissue paper and the band is on the outside of it. Once you get that band and tissue off you have an unmarked cigar. The cap cuts clean with no issues and the cold-draw has a just a little tension. it fired up easily.

The burn: The burn line of this cigar is pretty good. It did need a touch-up the final third. The ash is a smooth grey/black that held on for a third of the cigar. The first half has a great draw with plenty of smoke and the last part it gets firm.

The taste: Well the first half of this cigar is well, bland. Very little to no flavor. The rest of the cigar it picks up a little with a little tanginess but not much.

Over all: For being a “Corojo” this is a boring cigar but might make a nice mild smoke to hand out to friends on poker night. When you give them a cigar wrapped in tissue paper they will feel kewl. Though only $41.95 a box or $2.10 per stick I don’t think I will buy again. There are many better value smokes to be had. Check out the cigar review index to find reviews on other bargain cigars.

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