How to Flavor Infuse a Cigar the Easy Way

Flavor infused cigars are a great way to add some variety to your smoking. From bourbon and vanilla to chocolate and cherry, there are a wide array of flavors to chose from. While store bought infused cigars can be great, many of them tend to be low quality cigars with an added flavoring to mask the machine processed, low quality tobacco it is made from. The world of flavor infused cigars deserves a more respectible shot with higher quality cigars in order to truly judge and appreciate this kind of smoke. Below is a simple and easy guide to help you create your own high quality flavored cigars.

Step 1: Pick What Flavor You Want
Choosing what flavor you want to infuse into a cigar is the first, and most important step in flavoring a cigar. This will determine the type of cigar you will use. You will need a flavor that can either be found in liquid form, or be made into a liquid form. Some great examples are liquors such as whiskey and rum, vanilla, cherry, and wine. A surprisingly delicious option is barbecue flavored cigars for smoking with a nice brisket.

Step 2: Pick Your Cigar
Just like pairing wine with food, there is a right cigar for every flavor. This take some experimentation to really meld the nuances of a cigar with a specific flavor. As a general rule, smooth and buttery cigars go great with most kinds of fruit flavors for a nice beach cigar. Deeper and rich cigars go great with rum and whiskey flavored cigars. You want to make sure to have a cigar that is nice and tight, while is still fresh.

Step 3: Prepare The Flavor Pad
Some people use paper towel squares for this, but I prefer using ultra-absorbant cotton pads because they can soak up more flavorant. You can commonly find these at the local pharmacy near the bandaid section. Cut the cotton pads into small, 1.5 inch squares, one for each cigar you will be flavoring. Soak each square into the flavorant you are using. For a more unique smoke, start mixing flavors once you get the hang of things. Mixing a great cigar with a few of someone’s favorite flavors can be a personal and perfect gift for a cigar lover.

Step 4: Store Your Cigar
The final step is to store your cigar along side the flavoring pad. Add your cigar to a medium sized freezer bag along with the cotton pad. Take special note to not let the cigar and the flavor pad come into direct contact- the flavors should be absorbed into the cigar. The easiest way to insure they don’t touch is to simply separate the two with some bunched up tissues. Once this is done, mark the bag indicating what cigar and flavors were used, so you can go back and hone your cigar infusing recipes. From here, simply store in a cigar humidor for a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how strong the flavor pad is.

There you have it, a simple but effective way to flavor your own cigars. The fun comes in when you start experimenting with new combinations and tastes. What about you? What flavors will you infuse with your cigar?

Bio: Andy Nelson is a Content Writer for GreatGiftsForMen an online retailer specializing in men’s gifts from bar supplies to cigar accessories. In his spare time, Andy enjoys sipping fine Islay scotch and smoking handmade cigars.

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Blast From The Past

Over the weekend with nothing to do I figured I would fire up a cigar that I have not had in a long time. The cigar that got me into cigars years ago. The Romeo Y Julieta Tubos picked up from a couple months ago that has been sitting in my humidor just waiting for the perfect night. Well Saturday was that night. Nothing better than a nice crisp night on the back deck, kids in bed and a small fire pit to keep you warm. A nice dark beer and the company of my wife doesn’t hurt the situation either.

This cigar brought back a lot of memories from almost 10 years ago. This was the first handmade cigar I have ever had. During an after party on a business trip,  a sales rep broke out a box of cigars as we sat on the beach. Since I have never had a cigar before, I figured I would give one a try and readily accepted his gift, let him cut it and fired up my first cigar. I don’t know if it was the evening or the drinks but it seemed that everything fit just right. I could not believe that I have never tried these before. I was loving life. I have never looked back, picking up a box as soon as I got back from my trip. After going through 4-5 boxes I moved on trying other brands and moving on to more full bodied lines. Over the years I have kind of forgotten about my first smoke until they caught my eye while surfing around.

As I sat on my back deck remembering my trip to Puerto Rico, I fell back in love. This cigar is creamy,relaxing and just the way I remember it.

It is funny how such little things like the small hints of flavor and aroma can bring back memories from long ago. It seems like yesterday that I enjoyed my first cigar, bringing back memories a of a great evening and kind of a dangerous night. I’m sure I have told this story once or twice through the years so I’m not going to go into detail but let’s just say that Puerto Rico after sundown has some crazy things that go on.

In any case, my challenge to you is to go back and try some of the cigars that got you into this hobby. You might think that your taste has evolved but you just might be surprised.