Honduras Criollo

Cigar Review: J Grotto Reserve Series Gran Toro

Cigar Stats

  • Name: J Grotto Reserve Series Gran Toro
  • Made in Honduras
  • Honduras Criollo 98 wrapper
  • Honduras Criollo 98 wrapper
  • Honduras and Nicaragua Ligero Filler
  • Size 6×52
  • Suggested retail price is $8.95

This is a beautiful looking cigar.  The J Grotto Reserve Series Gran Toro is the only one in the line that supports a pig tail cap which is more of a quick wrap. The cigar is dark, oily and constructed solid. No soft spots, perfect looking cap and small to a couple mid sized veins. Just looks like a kick ass cigar.

After lighting this J Grotto cigar I noticed right away that it was going to be a good flavor smoke. It starts and ends with a full flavor and medium strength. This is an earthy cigar with smooth oak in the background. All the flavors seemed to be deep and dark but always smooth. The retrohale was a pleasant experience that brought the flavors out even more.

The burn on this cigar was worse than I had hoped for. From the beginning I had to touch it up through the entire cigar.  Before doing this cigar review I decided to smoke another after it had more time to settle in the humidor. Giving it another week I got the same results as the first J Grotto Reserve Series. More time in the humidor might help with this issue but I don’t know. Make sure to let us know how this cigar has burned for you in the comment section.

Over all: So we have a bad burn that I’m not thrilled with at all but we also have a wonderful, very satisfying flavor and makes me think the burn is worth it. Every time I walk past my coolidor I want to grab another. My thoughts are find one, smoke it and then repeat… Then let us know how it burns for you.



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