Gifts For A Cigar Smoker

Well Christmas (yea I said it) is getting close and if you are like me you have not even started shopping for gifts. I have put together some ideas to help you pick something out for that Cigar Smoker.

Cigar Case: Every cigar smoker needs something to transport their cigars in when on the go. There are many different options to choose from and it depends on the mark (the person you will be gifting this to).

A leather cigar case that holds three cigars is great for someone that needs to carry a couple smokes with them while at work or going out for the night. Besides black you can get these in blue and red.

A Herf-a-Dor Humidor holds more cigars for someone that travels or is going on a trip. You can get these in different sizes that hold anywhere from 5 to 15 cigars. These are heavy duty and will protect the cigars even if this person is a little clumsy.

Heater: Myself for one can only smoke outside and the winter months make it hard to enjoy a stogie when it is in the single digits. A patio heater is a perfect gift for that person in my shoes. It will keep them toasty so they can enjoy that full sized smoke. You can find these in a wide price range to fit most anyone’s budget. I look forward to getting the Instant Comfort module by next year.

Cutter: All smokers need a good cigar cutter and you can never go wrong with this gift. The biggest problem is choosing which one to get. I’m sure what ever one you decide on will be a good choice. My only suggestion here is to stay away from plastic and go with a good brand like Xikar.

Cigars of course: Unless you know what this person likes I would suggest a gift certificate. You can get theme from most local cigar retailers or at many online cigar sites. If you really want to get cigars you can find a large selection of samplers that should go over good.

Go Custom: A unique gift idea is custom cigar bands or custom humidors made anyway you like. From the company logo to their name this gives a personal touch. I reviewed both some cigar bands and humidors a while back and think this is a great idea.

Cigar Journal: A lot of people like to take notes, review and keep bands from cigars they have enjoyed over the years and a cigar journal is a great way to keep them in one place. I got a hair up my butt a couple months ago and created a 5×8 cigar journal that serves that purpose. A place to paste the bands, put notes and rate each cigar on a 100 point system. You can visit my write up on it here. The cover has been updated and can be seen here at the store.

Books and stuff: If it seems that the mark has everything that they possibly need you can always pick them up a year subscription to a cigar magazine or a book.

What ever you choose I’m sure the lucky person who receives your gift will appreciate you for knowing their hobby and getting the perfect gift.

Merry Christmas!

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