Cigar Review: Bolivar Churchill

Bolivar is an old name from Cuba that was released by the Rocha Company in 1901. Though I have never had a Cuban Bolivar I look to the day when I have a free choice to do so. Hopefully that day will come in my lifetime.

I like how the Cigar World website is set up. They have some information about this cigar so lets see what they have to say.

The History:
The Rocha Company introduced the Bolivar brand in 1901 in Havana, Cuba. Beginning in the 1950s, Ramón Cifuentes, the cigar master of Partagas, began to manufacture the Bolivar brand. As a result of its Cifuentes connection, General Cigar Dominicana crafts Bolivar cigars today in the Dominican Republic.

The Cigar:
A Bolivar cigar has all the body and character of a rich Dominican blend, a deeply flavorful Havano Medio Tiempo binder and a superbly aged San Augustin Ligero wrapper.

The Experience:
Bold yet noble, Bolivar is an ideal cigar to set the tone for a relaxing evening of pleasure, whether in the company of good friends or in a world of one’s own.

Factory: General Cigar Dominicana
Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 7×49
Shape: Churchill
Wrapper: San Augustin Ligero
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan (Esteli), Nicaraguan (Ometepe)
Binder: Havano Medio Tiempo
Strength: Full
Price: $84.95 (25)

Pre-light: This is one beautiful cigar. The dark thick wrapper has oils oozing out of it and you can just tell this will be a full-bodied cigar. No soft spots or any color variations to report. It looks to be a solid made cigar that is just begging to be smoked. After cutting this cigar the cap came off while I was smoking it so next time I will use a punch though I do not remember this being an issue before.

The burn: The burn for the most part was good only going off slightly and always correcting itself. It did need a couple love taps from my torch to keep the thick wrapper at the same speed as the rest of the cigar. The ash is white compared to the dark wrapper and started off a little weak. I burned a small hole in my warm-up pants I was wearing when the ash dropped at about 3/4 inch. After the first third it seemed to hold on much better lasting an inch or so. The draw is a little firm for me but you get plenty of flavorful smoke.

The taste: The whole cigar was a very smooth and rich with flavors of cocoa, coffee and roasted almonds. The further the burn line moves down the deeper the flavor gets. Even though this is a full-bodied cigar it is not over powering. It kind of lingers on the edge keeping your attention on the tastes.

Over all: I have read a couple bad reviews on this cigar and just don’t agree with them. Of course a cigar is of personal preference and for me it is one of liking. Maybe this is where my forum quote comes into play, “No one can tell me what is a good cigar – for me. I am the only judge. People who claim to know say that I smoke the worst cigars in the world. They bring their own cigars when they come to my house.” – Mark Twain, I have never had a Bolivar with less time resting in the humidor than 6 months. After reading the other reviews I think that time is well spent and maybe that is the difference. At less than $3.50 per cigar box price this is a great cigar and I will keep them on hand napping in my humidor.

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