Chicks and Cigars

This is a Guest post by Rebecca Garland.

Why are cigars only proper in a man’s world? Somehow men get labeled as sexy and dignified when they light up a cigar, but women are scolded as being uncouth and even crass. Anyone smell a double standard? Consider the Canadian women’s soccer team. When these outstanding athletes won gold in the 2010 Olympic Games (ousting the United States) in their native Canada, they celebrated. Their choice of celebration, why cigars and beer of course!

The ladies headed back onto the ice wearing gold medals (their third in a row, mind you) holding beers and clenching cigars in their mouths. Pictures were taken and some official Olympic committee tempers soared when those pictures made it into the mainstream. Apparently it’s considered uncouth for the women to be drinking and smoking in front of Olympic logos with gold metals be damned.

Goalie Shannon Szabados summarized it nicely when she was asked if men would have been treated the same way for smoking cigars and drinking. She stated, “I don’t think so at all.”

Excellent point. While the Canadian ladies had televised apologies for enjoying a cigar after a hard won triple victory, nobody would have batted an eye over a men team doing the same thing. How do I know? Because we’ve all seen it happen countless times. Men are to cigars what women are to stilettos.

While we ladies may sit around and discuss the merits of the slingback versus the kitten heel over white wine, you men are discussing the pros and cons of a Pyramid or Torpedo over port. I’m not suggesting I’d like to see men parading around with hairy toes peeking out of peep-toed stilettos, but I’d like the world to give us a break. Chicks like cigars, too.