Cheap Cigar Lighters

Did I get your attention you cheap freaks (kidding). I’m writing this post to thank a sponsor of Cigar Beat and yes, giving a little link love back by showing off some of the cheap cigar lighters they offer. Besides that I think Butane Lighters Wholesale provides some pretty darn good prices on cigar torch lighters.

This is just a couple options they offer out of a lot of cheap cigar lighters. So I ask you to check them out and let us know what you think here. Maybe if they get some clicks from us they will give a couple lighters away. Just to get things going I will set a rule. If we end up giving one away you must have a comment here on this post letting us know what you think of their site to be able to win.

Here are some options they have:

Single Flame Cigar Touch Lighter

Jobon Flip Top Tourch Lighter

Jobon Single Flame Butane Torch Lighter (I like this one a lot)

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