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Does Size and Shape Matter in Cigars?

Cigar Sizes

Cigar Sizes

The debate among cigar smokers has been heated for a long time as per the size and shape of a cigar and its direct effect on the taste. Cigars are known to come in varied shapes and sizes, and the preferences of individuals don’t just vary on the size and shape factor. The time you have to relax with a cigar and smoke it start to finish, as well as the comfort with which you can smoke it matters a lot. But if one talks of the contour of a cigar, it matters whether or not a cigar is filled or unfilled. Since there are so many kinds available, you might come across cigars that don’t produce enough smoke, or pass too much of it for you to hold the cigar since it becomes hot.

If the cigar is packed too tightly, its likely you wont be able to get smoke through it. In this case, the ring gauge matters a lot. Cigars that come with bigger ring gauges are a lot tougher to roll than those with a narrow one. However, that’s not to say all manufacturers have mastered how  to roll a narrower one either. Some smaller cigars are sometimes very inconsistent in flavor and smoke than the bigger ones, since there’s less of a space to inhale and the gauge is often presented with a skewed perspective. Wider cigars may thus be harder to light but if you look hard enough for a good blend you’re bound to find one to fit your tastes.

On the other hand, some people avoid buying larger cigars because of its ability to put across too much of the harsh blend. The flavor profile is bound to be a bit overbearing for some with milder preferences. There is also an increased amount of smoke which may not be preferable by all. We believe its easier to gauge out the different sizes and find out which suits your tastes the best, rather than sticking to one because you’ve heard a few negative factors about others. The cigar is an acquired taste and if you can handle the lucid flavor of the larger cigars, the experience is quite enjoyable.

With smaller cigars, you have more of a concentrated nicotine buzz and will enjoy it all the more if you have a given amount of time to finish it in. Comfort is one of the biggest factors as per the size and shape of the cigar. There are several available, starting from straight, cascading cigars to those rounded in the middle. Each shape is meant to bring something new to the table, thus it is important to do your research before you enter the market for a good cigar.  The shape also matters because it defines how fast the cigar is going to burn out. The temperature is another factor, a cigar is likely to become hotter and hotter as you come close to finishing it off, but if you opt for a cigar that’s rounded in the middle it will remain cooler.

Cigar Humidor Gift Sets

Cigar aficionados can be picky people, and are very discerning in their tastes about both cigars, and cigar accessories. Luckily, cigar humidors are the perfect way to please even the most discerning and difficult cigar aficionado as you embrace their past time and provide them a great gift for any occasion.

Even better still, instead of just purchasing a cigar humidor, you can do so in a gift set that includes a host of other gifts and goodies to make the cigar lover in your life extremely happy.

Cigar humidor gift sets are a great option for gifts, since they don’t just come with a humidor alone; most gift sets pair the humidor with a host of other cigar accessories to really come full circle for cigar smokers. A cigar cutter, for one, comes with any good humidor gift set. Plus, most gift sets include a caddy bottle of PG solution, a cigar ashtray of high quality, and other calibration and seasoning kits that allow you to ensure your cigars are of the highest quality.

Top cigar humidor gift sets will cost anywhere from $50 to $100, and sometimes more depending on the quality of the model. Realize, though, that major cigar aficionados will want a more significant humidor gift set that can adequately meet their needs, so it may be slightly more expensive for the best quality on the market.

At the end of the day, the best thing about cigar humidor gift sets is that they provide everything you need for the ultimate and complete cigar smoking experience. Nothing will be left out, and because of that, it’s a great option for the seasoned cigar smoker, or the new smoker who is just entering the best years of his or her life.

You can always personalize a cigar humidor with your man’s name engraved on it. Many companies offer this custom detail.  Custom gifts say to the recipient that you gave his gift a lot of thought before buying.

You can’t go wrong with any cigar humidor gift set; make sure all include ashtrays, travel tubes, PG solution, and other basic cigar-smoking tools and accessories, but rest assured that a high-quality cigar humidor gift set will be met with love and excitement as a special gift for any occasion!