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Partagás – Nice Rings

partagas-ringsPartagás is probably among the most famous brands of Cuban cigars, and also one of the oldest. It was founded in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagás, and the factory is still located in the same building he founded it in the 19th century, just behind the National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, which is nowadays the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

As rich in history, Partagás cigars are also rich and intense in flavor, and well-known by their hand-crafted boxes that were inspiration for other cigar companies that followed Don Jaime steps. As other brand labels for cigars, wine and other goods produced in Cuba, there are actually two Partagás brand labels. The original Partagás from Habanos S.A., which hold the Denomination of Origin as genuine habano cigars, and the Partagás from the Dominican Republic that is a subsidiary of a Swedish company.

It is important that you keep in mind that the Denomination of Origin means for the connoisseur a quality guarantee, because only tobacco produced in Cuban soil retains the characteristics and robustness that gave fame to the original cigar brands. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to savor a genuine Partagás cigar, just browse our catalog to place your order and enjoy this unmatched pleasure.

Cohiba Esplendidos – Box of 25 Review

cohiba-esplendidosWith a subtle oak and cedar savory taste, Cohiba Esplendidos honor their name; splendid full-bodied cigars with perfect burn and tight draw construction that prevents the cigar overheats while smoking. Touted as an exclusive cigar for solemn occasions, the silky aroma of Cohiba Esplendidos has spicy and honey notes that is noted when the flame embrace the cigar and the first steel-grey ashes call to a smoking break in paradise. Enjoy calmly this cigar to unveil the tasty aroma and flavors that makes of Cohiba Esplendidos a magnificient choice.