Review: CAO Cx2

I was lucky enough to get one of the free CX2 cigars and hat that CAO was giving away awhile back. I let the smoke rest for a week or so, but, finally, I couldn’t stand it and fired it up last Sunday. It was the robusto, a size that I am partial to.

The pre-light sniff told me of good things to come and, after I had it lit, I was nearly overwhelmed by the aromas! I don’t yet have the words to describe the complex and wonderful smell of this cigar! The smoke was rich and plenty of it! It was one of the most flavorful cigars that I have smoked in a long time. The smoke was almost “chewy” and the flavors became much deeper and richer toward the middle and end of the smoke. I was reminded, at one point, of a flavor that I read in a review of some other cigar in CA magazine….this particular quality has taken a lot of abuse on some forums, and as much as I hestitate to use this term, trust me, it fits the smoke from this cigar….here we go… It reminded me of “cookie dough” I swear….call me what you will….that is a perfect description of the smoke near the end. I am going to see if I can get the “dough” to keep a couple of these on hand, but they are a bit pricey. I haven’t done too many reviews, so thanks for bearing with me through this. If you get the chance to try one of these, don’t let it pass…it is a good smoke!

601 by Don Peppin

I must first tell a small story: The last 3 or 4 times I’ve went into the smoke shop, turned left and entered the humi one of the two cigar guys of course has followed in for the awesome cigar small talk. The owner has made mention of this cigar, comments of great full body cigar, a must smoke, but I think 601, huh, I haven’t read or heard anything about this smoke, so I continually pass on it. Today I walk in joyfully carrying my $200 christmas gift certificate(what a nice wifey)I turn left and in walks Frank, the owner. Ask about the agenda, the small talk and again offers this smoke, I again pass. I continue with a couple of box purchases (Puros Indios, Flor de Oliva bundle and Cusano 1997 pryimids)after the purchase the owner flys back across, exclaims “damn it”,” you’re taking one of these on me”. I say thanks and move along.
One of the most complex smokes I have had. If you’re wanting an OPUS X, have this 601. (7 bucks is the cost)
Great construction, very smooth almost silky wrapper. The lite was smooth and easy almost perfect like a loaded gun ready to fire. The first third of this smoke is so complex I could not get a grip on the flavor. Smoke hit the back of the throat (surely full bodied) but so smooth. I thought of some very good cubans in which it is hard to grasp the taste. Draw was smooth and exhale was great. It had the mild mustiness and a lite cedar aroma from the smoke the came perfectly off the wrapper. A lite tang to the leaf. Ash burned down perfect for an inch and drop as a cuban cigar will do.
As this beauty burned down I got some hints of leather and cedar and something very complex and smooth. Aftertaste was very light it was still hard to find the strenght taste to it. Draw became to easy and exhale became huge. Still burning perfect like it had a timer to it.
Last third of the smoke became powerful, the draw was unreal to the point that I had to be careful for overloading, the exhale was endless. Still although very powerful, still very smooth and a light aftertaste. If you ever read one of my reviews or opinions on a smoke. SMOKE THIS CIGAR.IT’S THE RED LABEL. I rate it a 9.5 on the rector scale. I placed it ahead of the Ashton VSG in my top ten list.