Cigar Review: Puros of St James

I had been hankerin’ to try one of these….This one is a belicoso.
6×52…The wrapper is Sumatran..nice and smooth. The filler is Dominican.
A pre-light sniff hollers tobacco.. The aroma reminds me of the snell of the tobacco warehouse when I was a kid….One of my favorite smells.
(I will have to look around and see if Mom has any photos of the warehouse….I doubt it but I will ask her.)
Once lit, the aroma was pleasant enough to me, although Mrs Hoot did ask “What is that?” with a somewhat disdainful look.
The smoke was plentiful and smooth.
There were one or two burn issues early on…but I will take the blame for the first one, due to DLT..(Drunken Lighting Technique)
But the burn issues were easily corrected and the rest of the smoke was issue free.
They claim this is a medium smoke but I would place in the mild category. The flavors came slowly..The first third was a somewhat cedary flavor which rather abrubtly changed to a cocoa/coffee type flavor. The last third reminded me more of coffee with milk or cream added….All in all, not too bad a smoke.
It ain’t an Excalibur, by no means, but not too bad.
If you can catch these on sale, they make a nice change of pace cigar, but I certainly would not lay out more than 20 bucks for a box…

Group Cigar Review 601 Blue Label

Beautiful day here, in the 70′s, so it was perfect for relaxing with a good cigar.

Smoked the 601, a fine looking maduro. It was consistently firm head to foot and the wrapper had a wonderful scent. The cap clipped easy enough and the pre-light draw was exactly what I got with fire attached. There was a bit of a breeze so the burn of this particular cigar may not be indicative of a 601 on a calmer day, yet it self corrected the inbalances and never needed a re-light.

The ash was brilliant white, no flaking, and held tight. The draw as mentioned above was consistent, it did take an effort but that is fine because the volume of smoke produced was worth it.

The 601 opens with a lot of pepper. The first inch was almost too peppery, but then the pepper faded some and a “spicy chocolate” seemed to dominate. The complexity of this cigar is intriguing, it will present a bit of cocoa, then some coffee, and a bit of leather all the while keeping a steady stream of spice teasing the lips and tongue. I suggest the 601 be allowed to rest a bit between draws, this is how I found the flavors to be spotlighted so to speak. Without resting the predominate flavor seemed to be leather and spice.

The 601 is full flavored with a rich aroma, and I would say it is pretty stout in strength as well. Short clip the head, too big of an opening may provide too much of the strength and over power the flavor.

I would buy this one again but I do not believe it will be a regular in the rotation.

By Deac


Grade 9.2 out of a possible 10 [smilie=icon_smile_happy0144.gif]

Appearance – Looked beautiful. Smooth chocolate brown wrapper.

Draw – had a little bit of a draw snaffou, but not bad.

Taste- Chocoalte, dark chocolate, hints of spice, coffe, maduro sweetness, rich.

Burn – had to touch up twice and probably didn’t really need to.

Overall – A beefy cigar with shoulders. Good rich taste all the way through. Don’t need to twist my arm to have these again



This is a box-pressed cigar and the first maduro ever made by Pepin Garcia. It had a very nice dark chocolate brown wrapper with no defects. It was firm end to end. The pre-light scent was awesome with slight hints of earth, hay, and barnyard; something I really like about Pepin blended cigars.

After an easy light the cigar had hints of chocolate and spice. The draw was easy and enjoyable. I would say this cigar had a medium body with a long finish. I really enjoyed the occasional retro hale of this cigar to pick up a little spice and pepper. I had no burn problems. The ash was a mottled dark grey, a little course, but held well.

Overall I really enjoyed the 601 Blue Label and will be looking for more to keep on hand.

By Carl H


Pre-light: This is a beautiful box pressed cigar with a good cap, smooth wrapper and small/medium sized veins. The smell is of deep dark tobacco and the construction is just about perfect. No soft spots, just the right amount of give and almost a perfect box press. This cigar comes with a large cigar band of red/blue/gold. The band comes off with no issue at all, it is one of the bands that you can get off in one piece before you even put fire to the cigar. This thing is beautiful all the way around.

The burn: The burn was never perfect but only needed a touch up or two. It holds about and inch worth of grey/dark grey ash that did flake at times. You get plenty of smooth smoke from this cigar that makes you want more and more.

The taste: I was expecting the first part of this cigar to be very powerful but I was wrong again. This cigar has smooth flavors from the first puff throughout. A coco flavor dominates the first half of this cigar with some roasted nuts (I could not figure out the roasted nut flavor but after reading other reviews it made since to me). I would also consider the first half full body but more medium in strength (maybe because I smoked extra slow). The second half things pick up in the strength department and you start to get a lot more tingle when you retrohale. The coco turned more dark and I also picked up some spice and maybe some rich wood type flavors.

By stinkie

601 Maduro torp.
A good looking cigar. Firm, dark and very small veins.
The burn was a tick off but really didn’t need a touch up until about half way through, but overall, not too unruly.
A moderately firm ash, kind of dark salt and pepper.
The initial flavor of this smoke reminded me of toasted grain, maybe oats.
The toasted grain taste was present throughout the smoke along with
a little bit of leather and a faint cocoa.
About middle way the cocoa was more pronounced and the flavor of a dark roasted coffee came through.
By the end the coffee flavor was rich and smooth.
I really enjoyed this cigar. While not the strongest one, it had enough gusto to stand up to a glass of Turkey. It was an excellent combination.
On a scale of one to ten, I would give this one a 9.
I hope the local B&M will stock these, but they are a small operation with
a limited selection.
Deacon, Thank you for this smoke…and the others you sent.
I aim to repay the favor.

By Hoot