Group Cigar Review Troya #54

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 5 3/4 x 48
Wrapper: Connecticut

Quite an intersting and smooth stick.

Loved the look of the label. Loved the look of the wrapper – nice looking, smooth CT leaf……just looked yummy ;-)

Pre-light draw gave me a peanut butter taste. I know. I was shocked too! But I liked it.

Draw was a little tight thru the first half or so, and the taste was a burnt/nutty in the beginning and changed to a buttery taste. Was definitely unique and enjoyable

As the cigar progressed everything remained the same – nutty, buttery and as the last 1 1/2″ approached this little rascal took on a little spice. At that point I took a few more puffs and called it quits.

Overall this ciagr was a mild/mellow stick. Quite enjoyable.

I’d give it an 8.8 out of 10!



Construction: Very clean look, simple but elegant label, firm head to foot with good weight. Connie shade wrapper with a few small veins. The cap was well constructed and clipped clean.

Taste: The Troya has a grassy taste initially. It hasn’t many turns at all, kinda creamy, kinda hot, kinda has a hidden taste that stays on the lips and palate for a medium last. Others say that the hidden taste is peanut butter, may be…but I kinda think that it is like black walnut: tart, pungent, creates a little cotton mouth…

Burn: Held a nice line, not exactly conical, but fairly even and consistent for the entirety of the cigar. The ash was a “used” charcoal gray, firm and wouldn’t fall for a good inch or so.

Bottom Line: If you like a mild to mild/medium with a Conn shade wrapper this one fits the bill for construction and burn. I think it was a little hot. The price is right though.



Ok, things are back to normal here, (whatever that is…lol), and I just finished the Troya #54. First I would like to thank our sponser, CigarMonkey. Thanks Dan for all you support in these tastings. Now, after reading your other reviews, I was not sure what to expect. It pays to be the first one to post, so there aren’t any preconcieved notions. I was pleased with the look and feel of this cigar, I am a torpedo fan, but this traditional cigar had a great look and feel to it.

Pre light inspection showed a very well constructed and smooth wrapper. It clipped beautifully, and lit quickly. The first full draw was very tasty, not really peanutbuttery to me, but definately some nutiness.

The first third of this cigar was indeed creamy, and produced lots of smoke. The nutty flavor that I experianced in the first few draws was replaced by another, more earthy flavor that I too could not identify.

The next third was a battle to keep the burn straight, ( I think I am going to drybox the next couple of cigars I smoke to see if that helps, as I think that the burn issues are MY problem, not necessarrily the cigar). I did enjoy the flavors but burn issues made it hard to concentrate.

The last third of the Troya was nice, albeit a little stronger. The earthy taste had given way to a little bit of ammonia taste, but not terribly bad.

Overall, I would probably purchase a fiver of these just to have on hand. I think that this cigar could improve with some humi time.



I smoke the Troya #54 on the way home fromwork last night.
A very nice looking cigar. Smooth, small veins.
After putting fire to it, the first thing I noticed was the draw.
It was moderately tight. The first thing to hit my palate was a grassy taste but that soon gave way to an earthy, nutty taste.
About 1/2 way through, the draw was still mighty tight, but the flavor had taken on a bit of spice with a little bit of a oak flavor.
I had only minor burn issues which surprised me a little, given the tightness of the draw.
I suspect that this particular smoke would benefit from a nap in the trunkador, but it still was a decent smoke.
There wasn’t much that was impressive about this cigar, but it was much better than some cigars I have smoked.
Not sure what the price on these are, but I doubt I would buy any of these.



J.L.Salazar y Hermanos

I received this smoke in a sampler from Cuban Crafters.
The wrapper, Ecuador, I believe….was smooth with very small veins.
The pre-light sniff immediately took me back to when we used to raise tobacco. This cigar smelled like the tobacco warehouse….I always loved that place and that smell.
It had an easy draw, not too loose but nice and easy.
Once lit, the flavor was somewhat bland but about 5 minutes in, the flavor kicked in….not really a spicy flavor, just deep, rich tobacco.
The flavor kept on building throughout the rest of the smoke.
I thought it would level off but it never did.
It had a light gray ash that was fairly solid. I did have to touch it up 3 or 4 times but I expect that issue would resolve itself with some time in the humidor to stabilize. (Sometimes, I just don’t have the patience.) :D
This is one of the strongest cigars I have ever smoked…I even got a mild nicotine buzz from it….which almost never happens to me anymore…..[cigar]
They are a tick pricey but not unreasonably so. If you like a strong, full bodied cigar then you will like this one.

By Hoot