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Well another year has past and what a hell of a year it was. 2008 is going to be another busy year for most. The 2008 presidential election is on November 4 so we will have 11 months of political commercials, lies, “plants”, debates and just good battles. Some hate, some love, some ignore and some just don’t care. Know matter if you lean left, right or you’re in the middle it is important that you get involved and know who you are voting for. I won’t get into where I stand because it really doesn’t matter to you but many issues should. Like the return of SCHIP, will the candidate your thinking of voting for support it? What about health insurance? Do you want a government ran system like in the UK? Cigar Jack had a story a while back about a guy that was turned down for ankle surgery because he smoked. My point is get involved, you can’t believe what the candidates tell you this year. Check voting records.

Update on the Cigar For Troops drive we did. As you know we sent out a bunch of cigars to a soldier on December 17th. I was told by the father of the soldier that they arrived safely not for Christmas but I do believe he got them on New Year’s Eve (yea, USPS tracking still says they have not been delivered). They are using an ammo box with a moist sponge in a zip-lock bag as a humidor. They broke up the cigar boxes to line it with. If you would still like to send the guys some cigars it is not to late, you can send them through along with other things they need.

I got sick just in enough time to go back to work after the holidays. At least I have not been sick during my two week vacation at home. In any case with the holidays I have not had a chance to work on any reviews and I probably won’t be able to do any this week with being sick. I have collected some stories and reviews from around the cigar community.


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