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Cigar Review: Jameson Short Torpedo


I got a email a couple weeks ago after I signed up at from a guy named Brad. Besides running he also runs Jameson Cigar Co. out of Southern Ohio. His long term goal is to open a cigar shop in the future. He offered to send me a couple cigars to try out and I gladly accepted. Once I got it out to smoke I started thinking that it must be a sign and I should pair this smoke with some Jameson Irish Whiskey, but then I noticed it was only 9:30am. Even though I’m on vacation all week that is still a little early for me.

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 5 X 54
Shape: Torpedo
Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium
Price: $24 (5) Buy Now

jameson_short_torp Pre-light: This is a rustic looking torpedo and a good size for me. The dark mid vein sized wrapper only has minor imperfections. This cigar has a little oil and looks like it is going to be a spicy smoke. Very solid from head to foot with a little weight to it. I could smell this cigar as soon as I pulled it out of it’s thin cellophane sleeve. It has a spicy tobacco smell to it. The band is pretty basic with Jameson across the front. I did notice on my cigar that the band was not very straight and it looks to be glued to the wrapper. The very giving cold draw has some spice added to that tobacco flavor.

The burn: This cigar went out on me about an inch into it. It also needed a couple touch-ups. The draw was great all the way down giving you a good amount of flavorful smoke. The firm ash held on for some time, what you would expect from a well made cigar.

The taste: The flavor of this smoke is something I’m not quite use to. I have seen it reported as salty, creamy, nutty, meaty, savory, and even a little floral. I would say meaty and savory with salty being most dominant. I have only had a couple cigars that were salty and it is nice if not over done.

Over all: Priced at a little under $5 each I think this is worth trying. This would not be a cigar that I would smoke weekly, more after a hearty stew or something. I’m going to let my other one rest in the humi a couple months and see if it settles the saltiness down just a bit and helps with the burn. I will also make sure to smoke it after a good helping of beef (or deer) stew.

What others say about the Jameson line:

5 Ways To Purchase Cigars Quietly

This post comes as a result of the attempted murder by my wife over cigars that showed up at my house. As you may remember not all were purchases. Two were bombs and one was a box sent by a sponsor. Not that she was really that mad or even gets on me to much about my hobby but this cold have been avoided all together. What I’m not saying here is that you should lie to your wife. I would never do that, besides I give myself up every time. I’m not a good liar, I don’t think I have ever lasted 5 minutes in a fib.

5 Ways To Purchase Quietly:

Use cash. Visit your local B&M and pay in cash. Stay away from using a credit/debit cards that is shared with the wife. And do not put the receipts in your pocket. Throw it in the trash on your way out the door.

Use Paypal. Even though Paypal will not allow tobacco sales on-line, they do have a debit card. Paypal also serves as a good savings account. I use my account for my “play money” that I make online. On a side note, I’m anti Paypal but it is the best service of its kind right now.

Don’t over spend. Don’t make it stick out. Buy what you can get away with.

Out of sight, out of mind. Keep your cigars out of sight of the wife. She doesn’t need to know you started a cooli’dor . Just put it down in the basement in the corner.

Don’t talk cigars with your wife. Well this is unless you wife is a SOTL. But my guess is for most of you she is not. The less you talk about cigars with her the less she will be looking for them and that is always good.

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