Monthly Archives: January 2008

Win A Personalized Humidor

This time we will be giving away a personalized humidor from This is a Super Bowl contest that needs to be submitted in the forum in the contest thread. It is open to everyone so if you are not a member please join and post your pick.


    • Post in forum thread your pick to win the Super Bowl and total combined score of both teams.

    • The first person to post the winner and the total score wins.

    • If no one picks the winning score the closest guess with the winning team wins. Again, the first person to post it in the thread.

  •           Picks must be in by Sunday Feb.3 at 4:00pm Eastern

Visit to see what you could win.

SCHIP Veto Failed

Cigar Aficionado reports that the House of Representatives once again failed to get enough votes to override President Bush’s veto of the unethical approach to funding SCHIP. The votes came in 260 to 152.

“While it is always possible that Democrats will introduce another SCHIP bill in 2008 to force Republicans to vote on the issue, it now appears likely that the issue will be pushed into 2009,” said the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association at the time.

You better pray that the right person gets into the White House.