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Cigar Review: Olde World Reserve Maduro by Rocky Patel

Review by: DcnCan of the Cigar Beat Forum.

What Cigars Direct says about this smoke:

With extremely limited production numbers, the Olde World is one of Rocky’s prized creations and is very particular when choosing retail partners to carry the brand. The brand itself is named for its throwback to Cuban cigars of a bygone era when Cuban tobacco ruled the world with its rich flavor.

What does the Rocky Patel site say about it? Not much at all, they describe it as the “vintage” on steroids.

Length/Ring: 61/2 X 52
Shape: Toro
Wrapper: Costa Rica
Strength: medium to full
Price: $70 (5) (Buy Noy)

The OWR Maduro- The presentation is exceptional. A beautifully inked band near the head, and on the foot a sheet of thin (tobacco?) paper resembling a sleeve of dark cork bearing the “RP” insignia in gold print. The wrapper is oily and creased, worn looking like a fine leather saddle that has been weathered and treated with care, never put up wet.

The OWR maddie has a tremendous bouquet that erupts when the cello is first slid off. I used a punch, my preferred cutter, with no problems. It slid easily into the cap revealing a nice draw pre-light. The wrapper had a licorice taste to it initially.

It lit well and fairly even, producing a good volume of smoke. The aroma was, well, it was heavenly! Rich and full! The opening third of the OWR was more on the medium side in body and strength that grew stronger as the cigar grew shorter. It opened with black pepper that evolved into a creamy dark coffee within the first inch. A spiciness kept poking through underpinning an eventful cigar for its entirety.

There was a heavy wood (not cedar) that emerged in the second third. It wasn’t a charcoal exactly, but ashen in some way, supported by a bitter chocolate under body. Hints of espresso also began to peek out. The creaminess gave way to a bit of roughness – not unpleasant mind you – just an “in your face” type of expression.

The OWR held an ash well, but there were burn issues. I had to touch up the burn several times.

Overall a very enjoyable cigar: rich in aroma, rich in taste.

CI says that this cigar “has been compared to the illustrious Padron Anniversary 1926 and 1964 Anniversary blends.” My wife tried to find one for me in DC when they first came out. When she asked for one the shop keeper said, “Rocky is a Padron want-a-be.” I could see some similarities, but the differences are too great to say there is any imitation.

Bottom line: A great cigar. A couple of months in the humi may just smooth out the harshness I experienced and solve the burn issues…

What Were They Thinking

I can’t believe people would want to steal these! reports:

LA MESA – Police are looking for two young men who stole 26 Swisher Sweets cigars from a La Mesa convenience store and then shoved the store clerk.

The men entered the Sunshine Food/Arco gas station at 7974 University Ave. about 6 a.m. Friday and grabbed the cigars, valued at $37. As they fled, they pushed the clerk to the ground. He suffered minor injuries and did not require medical treatment, police said.