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Review: Smokin’ Toad Cigar

smoken-toad-cigar-review 001.jpgI got these cigars from our local cigar tasting I believe late last summer. The first one I smoked had so many burn issues I could not finish it. It seemed that everyone at the event was having the same issues and believe me they let The Party Source know that it was a bust of a week. Chris at The Party Source caught up with the Rep. at the Big Smoke show in Las Vegas and let him know of all the trouble we had with them. The Rep. sent some new ones out and they were given out free one week. Maybe we got a bad batch, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I gave them another shot on the golf course a couple weeks later with one from the new batch and I didn’t get half way with it. It had what looked like charred wood in it as it burned and the taste to match.

I don’t know why I like pain but I broke out a Tadpole (5×38) and fired it up about a month or so ago while running around town and it was totally different than the others I had, it was a good little smoke. I guess humi time did wonders for these smokes. Now I go after the The Toad (6×50) in this review to see what has changed in the 8 or so months it had to nap while I collect bugs around the yard with my son.

Pre-light: These cigars look good, the dark Nicaraguan wrapper makes them look mouthwatering. It is a solid cigar packed nice with a lot of small veins running through it. The cap is small so I used a punch on this.

smoken-toad-cigar-review 003.jpg

1/3: The light up seemed to require a little effort but I got her lit. The draw seemed to be OK but was getting a small amount of smoke. The ash cracked at about 1/2 inch and dropped off with a small tap. I notice looking at the ash that it had brown parts to it. I have not seen this before, it looks “dirty”. I picked up some nutty flavors.

smoken-toad-cigar-review 004.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 005.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 006.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 007.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 008.jpg

2/3: The draw got better and I was getting a lot more smoke. The nutty flavor in-tensed and it had more of a charred taste to it. It had a hole going through the ash like someone stuck a toothpick through it. I noticed this in the other ones I had.

smoken-toad-cigar-review 009.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 012.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 013.jpg

Finish: The charred wood flavor got to be a little much for me and I had to put it down.

smoken-toad-cigar-review 014.jpg smoken-toad-cigar-review 016.jpg

Over all: I really wanted to like this cigar but it just didn’t work for me. I still have one in the coolidor so I will try it again in a couple more months and give it one last chance. What would the chance be that both shipments to The Party Source came from the same batch? If I run into them in another store I might pick one up if I’m feeling froggie but for the price on these it might be enough to make me pick up something else.

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Review: CAO Gold Corona put up a nice review on the CAO Gold Corona. I’m a big fan of this line and hope to do my own review some time soon.

there was much more flavor than I expected in this cigar. It was dominated by sweet and tangy notes. Woody notes like maple, sweet ones like honey, and nutty notes like toasted almonds and pecans. Over the last third of the cigar some spice crept in, cinnamon, and way toward the end some pepper. This is a cigar on the mild side of medium, in terms of both strength and body but definitely provides plenty of flavor. Overall this is a fabulous example how being a mildish stogie does not mean you have to be a bland one. Recommended.

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