Review: Elevation Vanilla Churchill

I got two of these with my order from Cigar5packs.
It was the First Time buyers gift.
I smoked one and gave the other to my Cousin Marty as he likes the flavored smokes.
The Vanilla was evident immediately on removing the cello.
The draw was good and the burn was better than average.
The wrapper was infused with an extremely sweet flavor of vanilla.
It was cloyingly sweet and almost overwhelming.
I really can’t say if the smoke had any flavor as all I could taste was the wrapper.
The smoke was mild but had no discernible flavor of its own.
Maybe that is because of the pervasive flavor of the wrapper.
If they could back off the sugar just a tick, these might be tolerable.
As it is, I found them to be just too sweet for me.
I hate to judge a smoke based on one time, but I don’t believe I will be ordering any of these, even though they are reasonably priced.
If you like sweet cigars, you might find these enjoyable, but, sadly, I did not.

By Hoot

Review: Nestor Reserve Maduro Torpedo

I have had these taking a nap in the humidor for about 6 months.
They were good OTT, but with a little time they have become VERY good.
The wrapper is very dark, almost black. Smooth with very small veins.
Once lit, the smoke was rich and creamy and I could taste a faint indication of cocoa or coffee. About 1/2 way through, the cocoa became more pronounced and a fragrant, woody taste joined in.
This was my smoke of choice for our ride over to Va. to buy some lottery numbers. It’s about a 30 minute ride one way. Mrs. Hoot had some other stops to make and after every stop, I figured I would have to re-light, but this one stayed lit for the whole journey, about 1 1/2 hours.
The burn was good…not perfect but easily manageable. I danged near burned my fingers before I was compelled to give it up.
If you like the maduros, this is one medium bodied that will be a pleasure.